About Us

In a modern business landscape, success is not about finding new ways to sell something but about finding new ways to mean something. We partner with authentic and ambitious brands that want to do things differently, transforming everyday brand encounters into rewarding brand experiences that deliver, and just as importantly, delight.

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Our Philosophy

When everything a brand does is an experience, the experience is everything.


Our People

With businesses being shaped by an ever-increasing array of challenges, you need a team that thrives on not just managing but embracing them. Fortunately, we have exactly that. Our team may have an extraordinary variety of backgrounds and skills but they all share one thing in common – a hunger to do extraordinary work.


Tyson Carr – Director / Design Director

Tyson Carr
Director | Design Director

Madeleine Preece – Director / Executive Producer

Madeleine Preece

Andrew Grubich – General Manager

Andrew Grubich
General Manager | Executive Producer

Paul Edwards – Creative Director

Paul Edwards
Creative Director

Karen Monaghan, Client Development Director

Karen Monaghan
Client Development Director

Laura May, Director Client Services

Laura May
Director Client Services

Taryn Atkinson, Account Director

Taryn Atkinson
Account Director

Aisling Quigley, Digital Specialist | Account Manager

Aisling Quigley
Digital Specialist | Account Manager

Katie Inglis - Producer

Katie Inglis

Angela Leslie – Producer

Angela Leslie

Jonny Beavan – Producer

Jonny Beavan

Gabriella Scardamaglia, Producer

Gabriella Scardamaglia

Tamzine Walshe, Producer

Tamzine Walshe

Sarah Jones, Producer

Sarah Jones


Joel Cogger, Associate Creative

Joel Cogger
Associate Creative

Melinda Webb, Associate Producer

Melinda Webb
Associate Producer

Amy Draper, Associate Producer

Amy Draper
Associate Producer


Juliet Xu
Production Coordinator


Kelly Birch
Production Coordinator

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Our Awards

We pride ourselves in creating collaborative, open and powerful relationships with our clients and in exceeding expectations. That said, it’s both humbling and delightful to also receive wider industry recognition. Firm believers in the power of partnership, we’re very proud of what our clients and we have achieved together.


2014 B&T Awards
2014 B&T Awards
Award: Highly Commended Finalist
Category: Emerging Agency of the Year
2014 Mumbrella Awards
2014 Mumbrella Awards
Award: Finalist
Category: Experiential Agency of the Year
2014 Melbourne Design Awards – Silver
2014 Melbourne Design Awards
Award: Silver
Category: Marketing – Branded Experience
Client: Renault
2013 Melbourne Design Awards – Finalist
2013 Melbourne Design Awards
Award: Finalist
Category: Event Experience – Consumer
Client: L’Oreal Paris


We believe in creating sustainable value for employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, business partners and the communities in which we operate. We are exceptionally mindful of the environmental implications of our projects and operations and seek to minimise the impact we have. For more details on our environmental management policy, click here.