Paul Edwards, Creative Director

Paul Edwards, Creative Director

As Creative Director, Paul delivers key creative and strategic thinking to help bring our clients’ stories to life in fresh, engaging and memorable ways. With over two decades experience from some of the world’s top agencies, he continually strives to deliver unique solutions born from a powerful integration of content, design and delivery.

The experience someone has with a business, brand or institution ultimately defines whether or not they make room for it in their busy lives. I love the fact that, on a daily basis, we get to shape that experience through original and creative ideas that surprise, delight and reward people in all sorts of ways.”

Leveraging his diverse background working with some of the world’s most celebrated brands including Ford, Mazda, HSBC, Unilever, BP, Penfolds and ANZ, he leads Carrspace’s passionate creative team, encouraging them to generate big ideas that help bring our clients and their different audiences closer together.

Paul’s most memorable projects include creating a global touring experience for Coca-Cola that reshaped the iconic brand’s marketing approach as well as being runner up in the design competition for the official mascot of the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics.

When he isn’t busy dreaming up the next ground-breaking campaign, Paul can be found looking through a lens trying to be a better photographer or delighting his palate with some of Australia’s finest reds (and occasionally combining the two for spectacular results!).