renault grand prix 2016

RENAULT: Australian F1 Grand Prix 2016


To celebrate Renault’s proud return to the F1 track as a fully fledged factory team at the 2016 Australian Formula One Grand Prix.


Looking to cut through and drive organic shareability with motorsport fans, as well as obtain qualified leads, Carrspace delivered a series of engaging experiences within the now iconic Renault Dome including an in-vehicle VR experience and an awe-inspiring 12 metre high installation that soared – in the literal sense and as content on social media.

Images of the show-stopping structure were used by the Renault F1 team across their social media channels (reaching over 700,000 followers), lead targets were confidently exceeded and the layered experience has once again been heralded as “Best Practice” globally by Renault – resetting the bar higher for the third year in a row.