Taryn Atkinson, Account Director

Taryn Atkinson, Account Director

Taryn is remarkably proficient at delivering on-brand, on-brief solutions for her clients. As an Account Director, her strengths lie not only in her management capabilities and aptitude to drive the process from “go” to “woah”, but also in her incredible ability to comprehensively understand a brand and its audience.

She has a keen eye for design, as her formal training and experience is as a Graphic Designer, as well as a way with words as a published author. Taryn continually strives for perfection on behalf of our clients and their briefs, pushing our designers (as only a fellow designer can!) to reach new creative heights.

“Experiential is so much more than ‘events’, it’s an integral part of the marketing mix. In a landscape that is saturated with advertising, I believe experiential is the most effective way for brands to get cut-through and to forge genuine relationships with their audience.”

To each project she brings her diverse skill set, plenty of enthusiasm and helpings of talent, ensuring that every project that crosses her desk is unfailingly strategic and true to the brand. Not surprisingly, Taryn adds value to her accounts, has become a trusted advisor for her clients whilst maintaining strong relationships with all her clients.

With an ability to live and breathe a brand message, Taryn’s direction results in work that consistently exceeds client expectations.